Adam Atkinson, Creative, Art Director
Adam Atkinson, Creative, Art Director

2012 was a big year for pushing the boundaries of TV. Brands are pushing audiences to really engage not just emotionally but also mentally. A lot more brands are challenging there audiences to really think about the message they are trying to portray, leaving a much more memorable impact on them.

Here (below) are a few of my favourite in 2012 that really got me…

Axe, “Susan Glenn”

Nike, “Jogger”

Chrysler, “It’s Halftime in America”

Procter & Gamble, “Best Job”

DirecTV, “Charlie Sheen”

The Guardian, “Three Little Pigs”

Carlton Draught, “Beer Chase”

Red Bull, “Red Bull Stratos”

Old Milwaukee, “Field Cut Off”

Ok so this last one is this year, but its great…
Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”

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